Rotor Kit 3/4" Thick M22456-3 with blades 71-022-1400

M22456-3  3/4" thick rotor (air pump) with insert was used on older Desa btu oil fired heaters.

The diameter is 2 1/8"


Brands include- Knipco, Reddy, Master, Koehring, Amoco, CO-OP, Queen B, Dart


Models include - 


Knipco - F110, FV125V, FV125S, F140, F140D, F150, F150D, F150E, F150S


Reddy - Mark120D, Mark140D, Mark150D, M150D, M150S, R150, MS80


Master - B120, BV125, BV125S, B140, B140D, B150A, B150D, B150KD


Koehring - KV125


Amoco - AM130, AM150, AM150S


CO-OP - C140, C150, C150S


Queen B - BB150, BB150D


Dart - DB150D

Blades (M8643-3) are now included!!!

 The white insert is included


Air pump



If this rotor is incorrect (either to thick or to thin), please return along with $5 (for shipping) and a note explaining which rotor you need.

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This 3/4" thick rotor was used on older 150k btu oil fired heaters made by desa. Brands include Reddy, Master, Koehring, Knipco and more. The blades are sold separately. Part number for the blades is M8643-3. The white insert is included
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